What We Do

Helping children with life-shortening illnesses, React works to give children comfort, dignity and where possible, greater independence. We supply a wide range of equipment from specialist wheelchairs, beds, baths and mobility aids, to essential everyday homecare items like pushchairs and domestic appliances. This may include educational equipment to ensure a child’s developmental needs are met; React Holidays at one of React’s mobile holiday homes; and, funeral expenses and memorial headstones.

Why is React Necessary?

The need

Many clinicians report that as a result of recent advances in medical science, children and young people receiving treatment for life-shortening conditions are living longer. This means many more children receiving palliative care are cared for by families in their own home.

Aside from the huge emotional cost, many low-income families struggle with the added financial strain of caring for a terminally ill child at home. Local authorities are increasingly limited in what they are able to supply and this, coupled with financial issues, means that many carer families must instead turn to React for the equipment their child needs.

Working with medical professionals involved in palliative care, React is able to respond to specific identified needs. Our remit is broad enough to ensure that the range of support we provide is as diverse as the many illnesses with which thousands of children across the UK are living with every day.

React’s mission

  • To improve the quality of life for children with life-shortening illnesses living in financially disadvantaged families throughout the UK
  • To provide families with the specialist care or equipment that will enhance their child’s life, following recommendations from medical professionals who have identified specific needs
  • To respond with practical and sensitive support within days, if not hours – when a child’s life is short, an immediate response is vital
  • To support those families who are unlikely to receive the assistance they need from any other source in sufficient time
  • To provide assistance throughout a child’s lifetime – many life-limiting illnesses are degenerative and a child’s needs may change constantly
  • To eliminate red tape and bureaucracy, allowing aid to be given quickly and without fuss, keeping administrative costs to an absolute minimum
What We Do at React Children's Charity

Our achievements

Working with medical professionals involved in paediatric care, React is able to respond to specific, identified needs. Our remit is broad enough to ensure that the range of support we provide is as diverse as the many illnesses with which thousands of children across the UK are living every day.

Since React’s foundation the charity has responded to over 15,000 urgent requests for assistance. React’s newsletter demonstrates some of the families we have helped and is available in PDF format or by signing up to our mailing list.

React is Unique

  • React responds quickly to requests for help, sometimes within hours, with no red tape and meeting needs not met by the authorities or other charities
  • React does not limit families to the number of applications they may submit and will consider almost all basic, essential requests deemed of benefit to a child’s health care needs
  • React supports families throughout a child’s lifetime, providing vital, practical assistance 52 weeks of the year
  • React ensures maximum use is gained from each piece of equipment by recycling items no longer needed by a child
  • React cuts out the need for lengthy application forms and prefers to rely on medical professionals working directly with children in palliative care to identify the specific needs of each child
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Laura at the London Marathon

“Hottest marathon on record but thankfully I got round the course! I am so pleased to have raised so much money for React. I think the work you do is incredible!”

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