React’s Trustees

React’s Trustees passionately believe in the services React provides to families and they bring a great deal of knowledge and expertise to the charity. Each Trustee is prepared to fully immerse themselves within the ethos of React and are not adverse to rolling up their sleeves and helping out where necessary.

Rupert Wiles – Chairman

Rupert is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and spent the first part of his career with Touche Ross & Co as a practising accountant. In 1981 he joined the venture capital firm 3i Group where he worked for 18 years before retiring as a director at the age of 51 in 1999.

Rupert first heard of React through his local church in Chiswick and offered to become the charity’s treasurer on a voluntary basis. He became a trustee in 2002 and has chaired the board since 2011, his second term of office. Rupert’s interest in React stems from his belief that the charity has enormous potential to bring considerable good to many families despite its small size.

Richard Clifford – Trustee

Richard has been an avid supporter of the charity’s work for many years. A respected actor and producer, Richard has assisted in many of React’s fundraising events, utilising years of theatre experience to choreograph a variety of entertainment programmes. Having worked with a variety of charitable organisations, Richard brings with him a wealth of experience and recognises the impact of React’s work and the speed of the charity’s response.

“React is a very special charity. It reaches out to families when they have nowhere else to turn, responding quickly and sensitively. The dedication and compassion React shows to its families is truly admirable, and I am delighted to be involved.”

Sister Frances Dominica OBE – Trustee

The foundation of React is built on the strong belief, dedication and hard work of Sister Frances Dominica OBE, who became a React Trustee in 2017.

Founder of the world’s first children’s hospice, Sister Frances has guided and advised the charity on all aspects of children’s palliative care since its inception in 1989. As a renowned advocate for terminally ill children and a leading figure within the structure of the palliative care system, Sister Frances has a deep understanding of the needs of families caring for a gravely ill child at home.

“I know from working alongside families that React is a lifeline. In the face of the grief, exhaustion and confusion, React’s fast and caring response, easy to use service, and unique ability to respond quickly, within hours if necessary, can make a huge difference to families where every minute counts.”

Keith Picture

Keith Entwisle – Trustee

Formerly the Managing Director of Caspari Cards Ltd, Keith was invited to join the board of Trustees in 1996. Keith says:

“React is a unique organisation, giving support to families caring for a terminally ill child and as a Trustee am actively involved with the award making process which enables me to really understand the families we help. Being a family man, I can appreciate there can be no greater tragedy than hearing that your child is terminally ill. React is a small charity with a big heart, helping families who need assistance during a time of financial need.”

Paul Picture

Paul Mellor – Trustee

Paul is a professional photographer and has been a friend of React for several years. Many of the photographs on our website were taken by Paul and he is a much valued member of the React team. Paul joined the Board of Trustees in the summer of 2007 and we are grateful for his continued dedication to our work.

Dr Mike Miller – Trustee

Following a long career working with children living with a life-shortening illness, Dr Mike Miller brings a wealth of experience to the React team. Mike has seen first-hand the immense financial and emotional pressure faced by families caring for a child with complex health needs, and React is grateful for his knowledge and insight.

Judy Picture

Judy Burdett – Trustee

Judy has been working alongside React for many years, helping to promote and support the work of the charity. From organising various events, to writing to local newspapers, Judy has helped the charity to reach more children who need assistance, and we deeply appreciate her dedication and commitment.

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Joanna Lumley

“React is a charity I have supported for a number of years now and it is a pleasure to endorse their work”


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