Leave a Lasting Legacy

You can make a real and lasting difference to the lives of gravely ill children by remembering React in your Will. Most people are aware of the importance of making a Will, however, it often takes a significant life event to encourage us to put pen to paper – make today that day!

“We are so thankful to React for everything you do for our family. You make life that bit easier during the most stressful and upsetting times” – Grace, Jake’s Mum

Why Leaving a Lasting Legacy Will Help React

The needs of children living with terminal illnesses are complex and React aims to provide essential support where and when it is needed most. Time is of the essence for children who are likely to die young, therefore React always deals with requests in a sensitive manner and with absolute minimum fuss.

A gift in your will can make a very real difference to the lives of terminally ill children throughout the UK and help React build a secure financial foundation, enabling the charity to expand and enhance its work with low-income families who are caring for a gravely ill child.

No matter how large or small your gift is, we appreciate your support which will ensure children have access to the appropriate aid and equipment vital to their care.

Writing a Will

Most people are aware of the importance of making a Will and understand that by planning early they can be assured their wishes are met. Making a Will need not be difficult or expensive and although it is possible to write your own, it is advisable to consult a solicitor to ensure your wishes are legally valid.

Reduce Your Inheritance Tax

React is a registered charity, so under current law, a legacy left to the charity is exempt from inheritance tax. Therefore, gifts left to React are deducted from the value of the estate before inheritance tax is calculated.

I Have Made My Will – Can I Change It?

It is important to keep your Will up-to-date and to take into account any changing circumstances. If you would like to include React in your existing Will, you can do this by adding a Codicil.

A Codicil is an additional document to amend your current Will. If you have an exisiting Will but would like to leave React a gift, simply download a form or contact us and we will send one to you. The completed Codicil will need to be filed with the original copy of your Will.

Online Will Making Services

If you decide not to use a solicitor, there are many different websites that offer Will making services online. One such site is www.thewillsite.co.uk where React is one of the listed charities.


If you have any further questions or would like to discuss
other ways in which you would like to support React,
please contact the React office on 0208 940 2575 or email us.

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Family Quote

Haris' Puschair

“I would like to thank the whole team at React for such a prompt, helpful service. Haris is delighted with the pushchair as it will allow him to go out and about socially, both at home and on school trips. His condition means he tires quite easily and cannot walk long distances. Thank you so much once again. We are so grateful. ”

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Actor Endorsement from David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff

“To all my friends at React, keep up the good work!”

What We Do

Why not help support React at your local Parkrun event? Get fit, have fun and raise money to support children living with life-limiting illnesses. By signing up, we will send you a fundraising pack with a free React T-shirt to help you with your fundraising. Join now and get running for React!

Put A Smile On A Child’s Face

By supporting React, you can help improve the lives of terminally ill children throughout the UK. It’s easy to make a donation, big or small via Phone, Online or by Post.

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