We are currently recruiting volunteers for our new London based Events Committee – there are 12 unique roles available and if you would like to help React raise vital funds for families caring for terminally ill children, there is a role here for you.

React has a long and successful history in Events fundraising and our new Committee will be responsible for organising all manner of activities including challenge events and prestigious charity galas.

By joining our Events Committee, you can make a real difference to the quality of life for children with life-limiting illness. Contact us today to express your interest in joining – we would love to hear from you!

A full list of the Committee roles is given below:

Officers take on their role for a minimum of one to a maximum of three years.

The Chair

  • • Presides over all group meetings when present and has the casting vote at Committee meetings.
  • • Ensures all events and forums have the correct procedures in place to control meetings in a safe and ordering manner.
  • • Keeps React informed of the group’s activities and progress, and shares copies of relevant correspondence and meeting minutes.
  • • Responsible for ensuring that relevant communications from the React office is circulated to all Committee members.


The Vice-Chair

  • • This position covers for the Chair in their absence. The Vice-Chair does not automatically fill the role of the Chair when the Chair retires. Details of the role are agreed within the committee and work is delegated by the Chair.


The Treasurer

  • • Responsible for maintaining written financial records on behalf of the group.
  • • Produces budget for all events to include expenditure and expected income.
  • • Working with the Chair, creates and submits a budget for each event.
  • • Responsible for maintaining receipts and records of income and expenditure.
  • • Helps ensure events will not run at a loss by monitoring income and expenditure.
  • • Reports to React of any proposed expenditure and ensures funds are not spent without charity authorisation.


The Secretary

  • • Responsible for organising committee meetings, and recording minutes and related action points.
  • • Supports the Chair in administrative tasks not otherwise covered by committee roles.
  • • Records all committee meetings, and distributes to members and React.


Membership Champion

  • • Helping to recruit new event volunteers and encouraging involvement with React volunteering roles.


Communications Lead

  • • Promoting the event through press and social media.
  • • Promote events and activities, and share relevant information in the community.


Events Lead

  • • Co-ordinating and organising venues, setting dates, booking venues, liaising with venue personnel.


Sponsorship Lead

  • • Working closely with the group to find and engage with potential sponsors.
  • • Responsible for managing the relationships and delivering on agreed outcomes.


Prizes Lead

  • • To source prizes for raffle and auctions, and record and collate from all sources.
  • • Encourage fellow committee members to reach out to appropriate sources.


Hospitality Lead

  • • Liaising with venue and coordinating food and drink menus.


Entertainment Lead

  • • Source appropriate entertainment in keeping with the theme of the events.


Invitation Lead

  • • Design and distribute invitations including those instructed by fellow members.
  • • Working with the communication lead, approach corporates/ community/ newspapers etc to ensure venue is full.


Please contact React at 020 8940 2575 or email react@reactcharity.org to express your interest.