How React Can Help

React will consider requests that are of a basic, essential need and unavailable from any other source. However, requests that do not fall into this bracket may still be considered provided they benefit the child’s quality of life in some way. Below are some examples of how we may help:

Specialist Equipment

In addressing the needs of children with a life-shortening illness it is usual for families to require specialist or medical equipment. This is invariably ‘medical-grade’, adapted or manufactured to order and the cost can be extremely high.

Examples of recently awarded specialist equipment include:

  • Mobility Equipment – wheelchairs, buggies, hoists, car seats, trikes etc…
  • Specialist Furniture – postural chairs, adjustable beds etc…
  • Medical Equipment – monitors, support wear, spa baths etc…

Educational Equipment

It is essential that children who are no longer able to attend school are able to continue to learn and develop from the comfort of their own home. Families and carers may apply for educational equipment to suit the specific requirements of each child.

Examples of recently awarded educational equipment include:

  • Computers – touch-screens, laptops and software etc…
  • Sensory Equipment – fibre optics, communication aids, toys etc…

Homecare Equipment

We understand the urgency and importance of homecare equipment in the care of a terminally ill child. To our families, it is as vital to their child’s care as specialist and educational equipment.

Examples of recently awarded homecare equipment include:

  • Kitchen Appliances – washing machines, fridge freezers, cookers etc…
  • Furniture – beds, sofas, curtains, blinds, storage etc…
  • Clothing & Bedding – replacing soiled or outgrown clothes, sheets etc…
  • Other – flooring, carpets, pushchairs, cots, car seats etc…

Travel & Subsistence Expenses

Caring for a sick child inevitably involves frequent hospital visits and in many cases, hospice stays. This can mean travelling long distances at very short notice, sometimes on a daily basis. We recognise the emotional, physical and financial strain placed on families and aim to alleviate some of the pressures by providing essential travel and subsistence expenses.

Respite Breaks

Caring for a child with major disabilities or special care needs can be exhausting and seemingly relentless. Many families find that their lives revolve around treatment and where a child’s health is rapidly deteriorating, there can be seemingly little for families to look forward to. To address these issues React will consider requests for the following…

  • React Holiday – React can provide week long breaks at one of our five mobile homes situated throughout the UK. To find out more about these breaks visit our ‘apply for a holiday’ page
  • Other Holidays – Holidays elsewhere may also be considered if sufficient reason is given as to why a React mobile home would be unsuitable
  • Day Trips – Week long breaks may not be suitable for some children and in these circumstances, React may consider requests for shorter breaks or day trips

End of Life Support

React will consider requests for funeral and memorial expenses, including end of life care and respite nursing costs. Consideration to each individual family is our priority and we will respond quickly to urgent requests for assistance.

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