Five months into her pregnancy with Malakai, Anne undertook her last prenatal scan and was assured her baby was developing as expected.

Malakai’s siblings were desperate to meet him so, at seven months gestation, Anne arranged a 4D scan for the whole family to attend and it was during this family outing that doctors identified a serious problem. Malakai’s kidneys were not developing normally and he would be born with Chronic Renal Failure. “It was devastating news but at the same time, thank goodness it was discovered early on as I was able to properly prepare and attend regular checkups for the rest of my pregnancy,” said Anne.

Malakai is now an energetic and cheeky five year old boy, but because of his kidney abnormalities he requires dialysis twice a week, for four hours each session. Whilst the hospital provides an entertainment system for children, Malakai has watched every minute of content over and over and was becoming increasingly bored during dialysis sessions. The social worker working at the hospital recommended a touch screen tablet, to keep him entertained and help with his learning whilst receiving treatment.

Unable to source a tablet herself, Anne was referred to React. “I was so impressed at the simplicity of React’s application form and it was such a quick process. The tablet has really helped make Malakai’s dialysis sessions more enjoyable and is perfect for his virtual school lessons. We really appreciate React’s support.”