Chloe knew something was seriously wrong immediately after giving birth to her baby daughter, Clara. The tiny newborn became increasingly irritable and doctors transferred her to the neo-natal unit for monitoring. Clara had sustained significant brain damage and was now experiencing continuous, life-threatening seizures. Doctors gave Chloe the heart-breaking news that her daughter was unlikely to make it through the night. “We had her baptised that very same day,” Chloe told us. “We just didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Despite the odds stacked against her, Clara is a happy child who celebrated her fourth birthday earlier this year. She lives with multiple complex conditions including Epilepsy and Microcephaly and is Quadriplegic, requiring constant care. Chloe had been looking at acquiring a P-Pod seat for Clara for some time as the specialist seat is known to offer a high level of support but, the family were repeatedly met with rejection from various organisations. With nowhere else to turn, Clara’s Occupational Therapist referred the family to React.

“I was over the moon when I heard React could help, you really are an absolute lifesaver and I keep telling anyone with a child like Clara to contact you! Before, Clara just wanted to be in my arms but now, she’s totally relaxed and comfortable in her new chair. It has really given her some independence, thank you.”