Born with an undiagnosed chromosome disorder, Olly’s genetic makeup is unique. Although Olly came into the world prematurely, Olly in his buggyhe was developing normally until a hernia was discovered at just five months old. When taken for screening, the doctors discovered Olly also had a heart murmur, warranting further tests.

It was not long after, Olly’s parents were told their son has severe cardiomyopathy with only weeks to live. Doctors told the devastated parents, “It is incredible Olly has made it this far”.

Now aged 15, Olly continues to amaze his care team. Mum, Caroline, told us: “Olly is non-verbal but he coos and makes funny sounds which is his way of communicating and letting us know what he wants”.

Olly is a nature lover and loves to be outdoors as much as possible. The family home in Norfolk is not

far from the Broads National Park and surrounded by beautiful countryside. The whole family enjoy long walks with Olly, who enjoys the sounds of nature. Olly’s Occupational Therapist recommended a specialist stroller adaptable to Olly’s needs and far less cumbersome than a standard wheelchair. When an application arrived at our door, we were delighted to help. Caroline told us: “I couldn’t believe how easy and stress-free React’s service was and thankfully, Olly can continue to enjoy wonderful family walks, along with his special friend Buddy, our family dog!”.