Finn aged seven, lives with a complex heart condition and he has spent much of his short life in and out of hospital, undergoing multiple major surgeries and procedures. Finn is unable to walk for more than a few steps before becoming tired and he relies on his parents to be on hand at all times.

Following a recommendation from a cardiac nurse, Finn’s family made an application to React requesting a mobility scooter, to allow him to keep up with his friends and provide some level of independence. It was immediately clear to us, what a huge difference this simple scooter will make to Finn and his family, so we responded in React’s rapid style!

On receiving the scooter, Finn’s mum contacted us to let us know just how much this award means to him:

“Finn’s mobility scooter has brought him so much more freedom than he ever had before. We can now walk to school, he can go on school trips and just generally enjoy being outdoors without having to worry about people laughing at him being in a pushchair so thank you so much for giving him his confidence and independence.” – Gemma

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