In the winter of 2019 Karl’s family were not unduly worried when he began coughing as they suspected it was just a common cold. It was when Karl started to cough up blood, his parents became concerned and rushed him to hospital where, he was diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease at the age of seven.

Now aged ten, Karl has battled with his health significantly over the past year. He has been dangerously ill and one day, Mum, Maria noticed her son’s eyes started to roll which was terrifying to witness. Once again, Karl was rushed into intensive care, where he suffered cardiac arrest and left fighting for life. It was then, his parents were given the devastating news; Karl had contracted Covid-19.

Maria told us, “The entire family thought they had contracted COVID-19, but luckily, after 14 days of isolation, no one had any symptoms.” Whilst, Karl was in a coma and gravely ill, his family had no option but to isolate at home. “It was just a nightmare, my only form of communication were updates from the nurses and they were so kind, they would hold a phone to his ear so I could talk and sing to Karl. It was awful not being able to visit and whilst I prayed for his recovery, I was also praying for ours.” said Maria.

After eight lengthy months in hospital, Karl was finally able to go home with the help of equipment to aid his breathing. With Karl on a ventilator 24 hours of the day, and requiring numerous medications, his parents identified a medical trolley to store essentials and a video monitor to keep a close eye on him. The family were also desperate for a dehumidifier, as their home was damp and it was extremely important that the air around Karl was kept clear. Karl’s family were eager to get Karl home but without these essential items, discharge was not yet possible.

With the family anxious for Karl to return home, a nurse suggested approaching React. “I cried with happiness when we were told React could help. We just wanted him home and without React’s assistance it would not have been possible”, said Maria. “We know Karl has a short life and we take every day as it comes but it is amazing we can be with him and that he is home where he belongs. Thank you to React”.